Bernie Sanders Continues to Disappoint

Supporting Bernie Sanders in both 2016 and 2020 looks more foolish by the day. I am truly ashamed by the amount of money I gave him, the time I donated to his campaigns, and worst of all the hope I had in him.

Bernie’s latest example of cowardice and devotion to the Democratic Party over morality and the things he conned many of us into believing he cared about involves his resolution to end US support for the ongoing brutality inflicted on the people of Yemen by Saudi Arabia. As always, Bernie introduced his resolution and spoke eloquently about the suffering. He let everyone know how the US is contributing to the continuation of the worst humanitarian situation in the world today.

Then, when it became clear that Bernie’s good friend Joe Biden would Vito the resolution if Congress dared to consider starving children more than profits of weapons manufacturers, Bernie withdrew his resolution without even forcing a vote. As always, he put the desires of the Democratic Party over everything else.

No matter how often Democrats lie about and blame him, Bernie carries their water. Sadly, the man who convinced millions of us he would join us in fighting for all of us has shown himself to be a weak puppet who fights for nothing, not even his principles.

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