Democrats Never do Anything

Show Notes

In this episode, I give examples and highlight how continuing to vote for Democrats will never result in meaningful change.


The title of this episode is: Democrats never do anything. The verdict for this episode is: Nothing will fundamentally change until people stop voting for Democrats.

As someone who supported Bernie Sanders in both 2016 and 2020, it hurts me to say this: but no Democrat actually fights for workers, people of color, people with disabilities, seniors, or all the people historically and continuously oppressed to make wealthy white people more wealthy.

I want to walk through some examples to highlight this point:

  • Democrats stabbed railroad workers in the back forcing them to take a contract with no actual sick days.
  • Democrats never tried to raise the minimum wage.
  • During the campaign, Biden talked about the weak public option for health insurance but has never raised it as president.
  • Democrats talked about raising the minimum wage but never have tried.
  • Almost every Democrat talked about some kind of student loan relief but pretended to do it n a way that would be struck down in a court.

Sadly, I could continue. The unfortunate truth is that voting for Democrats never results in any kind of fundamental change; in fact, the only campaign promise Biden has fought hard to deliver on is the idea that nothing would fundamentally change.

All of this means that if you continue voting for Democrats, you are unfortunately part of the problem. As long as Democrats can maintain some degree of power by talking a lot about change and continuing to harm people for the benefit of their corporate masters, the rest of us will continue suffering.

Sure, the Republican Party is worse. But the Democratic Party isn’t meaningful opposition. The Democratic Party has never been meaningful opposition.

Even if you believe the Democratic Party can be reformed, your best course of action is to stop voting for Democrats until Democrats start doing something for you.

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