There has Never Been a Political Solution to Fascism

Last evening, as I was trying to enjoy the last of the weekend, I came to a scary reality. I tried pushing it away. For a time an entertaining baseball game and fatigue helped me forget. But this morning it’s back with a sobering vengeance.

Friday’s ruling in Roe v. Wade, the immediate threat to the GLBTQ community, the increased policing, and so many more things indicate that we are closer to an outright fascist takeover of America than we have ever been. Sure the American government has always had elements of fascism, there have always been fascists in American government, and both parties have proven time and again they prefer fascist dictators to socialists, but this is different.

Today, the fascists are openly making a play for total control of the American government and American society. They are diminishing the ability of those who find fascism most objectionable to participate in the political process. They are denying universally accepted human rights to Americans they don’t agree with and whom they want to control. They are ensuring corporations have almost singular control over the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the health care we can seek. They are giving the police and prosecutors powers to surveil, detain, and abuse that have never been provided “law enforcement before.” They are working to ensure children have little access to anything than their warped, fascist ideals at schools. They are attempting to force every American to live under their religious “values.”

This is different, because they are succeeding beyond their wildest dreams. Even with Democrats controlling Congress and holding the presidency, they are remaking America against the will of the American people and are closer than ever to achieving their fascist control over America.

In response, the Democratic Party is urging more voting. That sad, pathetic stance belies the reality that we are facing a total fascist takeover, because Democrats have always been and are now too weak and in some ways complicit.</p.

Democrats want a society where corporations can exploit and plunder as they see fit. Democrats want a society where enough people have enough to keep the exploitation and plunder working while providing enough ligitimacy to convince many middle-class and upper-class white people that protecting their privileges is working for the common good.

If there was a political answer to fascism, giving the Democratic Party control of two of the three branches of government would have resulted in fascism being somewhat contained. But since the Democratic Party would rather have fascism than anything approaching socialism and an equitable society, the Democratic Party is in capable of stamping out fascism.</p.

Even now, Biden refuses to expand the size of the Supreme Court. He and the Democrats let women lose more control over their bodies. They will let the GLBTQ community lose the right to marry and all legal protections. They will keep doing nothing until there is nothing left but fascist control.

The best things we can do are support mutual aid, help each other when we can, and forcefuly reject the absurd notion that voting for those, who, at minimum, refuse to fight fascists and fascism.

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