Naming Good Things From This Weekend

For those of us who care about civil rights it has been a difficult three days. For those of us who follow politics, it has been a frustrating three days. For those of us looking for hope, the last three days have been difficult. So, I think we should take a few minutes to name good things that have happened this weekend.

Setting aside the upsetting things in the world around me, it has been a nice weekend. While today’s nearly 100 degrees is a bit warm, I will take it. That’s especially true after the rainiest spring in the history of Portland.

I have been able to shoot baskets all weekend. Even though I’m not too good, I have loved shooting baskets since I was a kid. The personal challenge of seeing how I can do every Time I play is good for me. The relaxation of focusing on trying to make shots and recovering the ball before losing it clears my mind. Under a bright sun, even one that’s a bit warm, shooting baskets is a happy place for me.

Yesterday the artificial turf in my backyard was repaired. The turf is about four years old. The seems were coming apart and a hole had developed where I shoot baskets that kept the ball from bouncing and rolling as expected.

There is a story behind my getting the turf I normally could not have afforded. As such, I couldn’t find a company who would do the repairs. I contacted the business that did the installation, hoping they could recommend someone. Since they are based in Seattle, I never thought they would come to Portland for the job. But they did.

They did great work, and the yard is once again super nice. There are people out there who are willing to help. Sometimes, we need those reminders. The timing here meant a lot to me.

With the hole gone and the seems fixed, shooting baskets is even more fun now. I can more easily chase the ball, and I get much better bounces.

As the weekend winds down, I’m looking forward to a calm week of work. It will be my final week of work in my current role. So, I have new professional opportunities to consider and get excited about.

I know these days have been emotional and difficult for many. If you are having a hard time, I hope this weekend has given you a few things to enjoy.

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