Democrats Fail Their Voters

One of the most basic truths about American politics is one that doesn’t get enough attention. Republican voters are far more loyal to the Republican Party than Democratic voters are to the Democratic Party.

The loyalty of Republican voters is higher, because the Republican Party keeps many of its promises and engages in good political theater to convince voters they are trying on the promises they don’t keep. The Democratic Party, on the other hand, breaks many of the promises it makes voters.

The Republican Party promised to repeal the ACA and held dozens of votes on the issue even though they knew their repeal efforts would fail. So, their voters saw the Republican Party trying to keep its promise.

The Republican Party promised to repeal Roe v. Wade. For decades they appointed judges who would role back a woman’s right to choose. When the opportunity to remake the Supreme Court arose, the Republican Party engaged in every dirty trick to ensure a majority of the court would someday repeal Roe.

The Republican Party promised to gut the EPA and a host of agencies and programs and did just that.

The Democratic Party promised to codify Roe V. Wade for decades, and never did.

The Democratic Party promised to take climate change seriously and to steer America off of fossil fuel. The Most Obama did was agree to voluntary, toothless agreements (like what happened in Paris). Biden is rolling back environmental standards for the summer, because he can’t figure out how to generate support for his sad agenda without increasing the destruction of the planet.

For years, the Democratic Party promised to do something about student loan debt. As of this writing, they have done nothing. Supposedly minimal, means-tested relief is coming, but we are still waiting. But even if that pathetic relief comes, they will do nothing to end the practice of banks collecting government money and gouging people for wanting an education.

Even on an issue as easy as stimulus checks, Democrats broke a promise to give $2,000 and sent $1,400 instead.

The simple truth is Republican voters know their politicians will keep promises and fight for those they can’t. Many who may otherwise vote Democratic know they are being lied to and that the Democratic Party will do little to make their lives better.

Republican voters usually vote. Many who would vote Democratic only vote when they hate Republicans enough to vote.

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