The Political Myth of Left Extremism

In reading news coverage of the Senate’s bipartisan deal to “address” Americans being randomly killed at schools and grocery stores by people using military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, I got angry. Senators on both sides of the manufactured and corporate-controlled political isle are presenting their cowardice as an incredible breakthrough that will upset extremes on both sides.


Let’s be clear: on the issue of people being murdered at schools and grocery stores, the so-called left-wing extremists believe people shouldn’t have access to weapons that have been designed specifically to kill as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time.

The right-wing extremists believe basically anyone should have access to any gun at any time, regardless of criminal record, mental health status, and with no regard for the danger posed by specific weapons and/or the purpose for which the weapon was designed.

Only in a society as broken and dysfunctio`nal as America, could these sides both be credibly presented by politicians as the same kinds of extremes. In a society that even pretended to value life, it wouldn’t be normal to see people murdered at school, shopping, and going to church.

The corporate-controlled duopoly created the myth of left extremes so they could equate them to the right-wing extremes most people rightly object to as a way of manipulating too many people to accept that commonsense is an extreme.

The idea that someone’s right to own any weapon, no matter how dangerous, is akin to the right of children to attend school without the fear of being murdered is truly absurd. Writing that made me laugh and raised my blood pressure.

As long as the corporate-owned political parties and the corporate-owned media are successful at portraying commonsense and reality as left-wing extremism, there is no chance of a bill that isn’t best used as toilet paper being signed into law.

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