Personal Updates for March 28, 2021

This post has updates on my weekend, exercise, baseball starting, and my prosthetic eye.

My Nice Weekend

Saturday was one of the nicest days we have had in Portland this year. I was able to shoot baskets for 50 minutes listening to baseball. Later, I did a fantasy baseball draft sitting on the swing under the sun. For dinner, Mom, Aunt Barb, and I had a barbecue.

Today, Mom made delicious breakfast burritos. She is such a good cook that it’s hard to eat restaurant food. It’s just not as good.

After breakfast, we went furniture shopping. I bought myself a new power recliner. It has been a few years since I have bought something so expensive for myself. I’m looking forward to enjoying it.

My Exercise

I have now met my exercise goals for 290 consecutive days. I still haven’t settled on a new goal. But I’m not worried about it. Lately, I have been beating these goals by so much that I have lost a bit of the desire to think of something else.

This week, I averaged about 72 minutes of exercise per day. I did 324 minutes on the elliptical alone. As the weather gets nicer, I will have no trouble putting together very good days of exercise.

Baseball Starting

The baseball season starts on Thursday. Opening Day is one of my favorite days every year. I have already put in to take Thursday and Friday as vacation days. This year, for the first time in decades, every team is playing on Opening Day. As has become a tradition, I will have grilled sausages and sides to celebrate the coming of a new season. If the forecast is right, it’s supposed to be a nice day too. I can’t wait for Opening Day!

An update on my Eye

People who have been following me for a couple of years may remember all the trouble I had with my prosthetic eye in 2019. For those who weren’t reading then, the implant that holds my prosthetic eye became infected. To make a long story short, it took two surgeries, two prosthetic eyes and several months to resolve the problem.

For about a week, the eye hasn’t been feeling right. Much of the time it’s scratching the inside of my eyelid. The prosthetic eye doesn’t seem to be fitting atop the implant correctly.

I’m not yet very worried, but it’s concerning enough to have me looking for answers. On Wednesday, I’m meeting with the ocularist (someone who makes prosthetic eyes). I’m hoping the problem will be fixed with an adjustment to the prosthetic. If that doesn’t work, I will have to meet with the surgeon. That is something I really don’t want. My eye doesn’t work. It’s the only part of me requiring regular medical attention. But I can’t risk an infection that close to my brain. So, I’m now working through the process of trying to get the latest problem diagnosed and fixed.


I hope things are going well for you and that you’re enjoying some nice weather.

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