Scorpio is Doing Better

Scorpio’s spinal arthritis had been getting worse. Mom and I were really worried when he started having trouble getting on the couch. Sometimes, he would try a couple of times with no success. For the last couple of days, though, he has been doing better.

Watching him struggle, I wanted to see if there were different treatments we could try for arthritic dogs than were offered when Ivor was battling his arthritis nearly 12 years ago. During my research, I discovered a medicine called Adequan. Adequan is administered through a series of injections. The dog gets one injection a week for a month and then one injection a month.

Adequan is not cheap, but it has lots of good reviews and our vet said she uses it on one of her dogs. So, we decided to give Adequan a try.

Scorpio had his first shot on Thursday. So far, it’s paying immediate dividends. He is having no trouble getting on the couch. When we walk him, he pulls more on the leash. He is losing his balance less.

For now, Adequan is helping, and Scorpio is doing better. We have experienced so many troubles with our beloved animals battling illness over the last couple of years that Mom and I know not to get too excited. But we will take the improvement when and where it comes.

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