Ufi Celebrated my Birthday

Wednesday was my birthday. The best gift I could have gotten was another birthday with Ufi. the amazing old guy granted my wish.

Until yesterday, we were very certain the end of Ufi’s journey was getting close. He hadn’t really picked up his toys in more than a month. He had been going outside less.

In case he wouldn’t make it to his birthday in June, Mom and I decided we would celebrate my birthday and Ufi’s together. The weather was nice. Thanks to Mom the barbecue was great. As for all of his previous birthdays with us, Ufi got his own steak.

Yesterday, Ufi gave me my gift. He picked up his toy. He let us roll it several times. He pushed it around the yard and barked at it. Ufi even got in his pool a few times.

Maybe the warmer weather helped his arthritis. Maybe he wanted to remember his old life. Whatever the reason, Ufi reminded us of his courage and determination.

I wish I could stop finding reasons to believe he is slowing. I guess the fear of not having him makes that too hard. But every time I start thinking it’s almost time, Ufi reminds me it’s his decision. Yesterday, he loudly said he isn’t ready to leave us.

Now, we are hoping to celebrate his birthday on June 29. If we do, Ufi will get another steak.

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  1. Ufi must be the smartest dog of all time. No one will miss him like grandma. I know ufi loves me as much as I love Him.
    He is one Amazing dog. He loved to work, I never worried that much about jonathan riding the max, as long as Ufi was by his side. Ufi and Jonathan were good for each other. When jonathan 1st got ufi it was a little bit odd. I would have to tag behind them to see what was going on between the both of them. As they would walk in front of me, I would watch them work together and noticed. That Ufi was doing everything he was trained to do as a guild dog. So Iit was jonathan that had to learn to trust Ufi. Well after that the bot of them were great together. Some how Ufi Took his job of guiding jonathan a lot more then go to one place or another. He would make sure that no one would do anything to jonathan. He didn’t want anyone to touch jonathan as long as he was beside him. Ufi has saved jonathan from 3 bad
    Episode that I know of. Once when they were taking a walk in Fairview and some guy wanted Jonathan’s phone. Well the hair went up on Ufi’s back and the guy took off. The next time was at the max stop at Lloyd center. Jonathan and Ufi waiting for the max and 2 young punks said he would be a easy target cuz he couldn’t ID use cuz he’s blind. Well Ufi hair went up and jonathan heard the punks and told them, if they touched him that ufi would kill them.
    Well after looking how mean Ufi was looking at them. With is hair up and teeth showing they left them alone. Then another time on the max ufi again put a end to some other punks that was going to hurt jonathan. Ufi could tell if anyone around them was good or bad. I don’t know how he knew but he did.
    Ufi was and still is for a few more days a big part of my life also. Ufi always helped grandma in the kitchen, after he’s gone I don’t no if I will like cooking anymore. It just won’t be the same. Ufi had this orange ring that he loved to play with. He would play for hours. On hot days grandma would put out his pool and he would play fetch and lay down in his pool to cool off , ufi would do this on really hot days till it got dark. I couldn’t tell u how many different places we found for ufi just to play fetch. Once we went to the gresham park and played fetch in the baseball Field. It was warm but not to hot for us, but ufi was running after his ring and got hot. Well it rained that morning as there was this big puddles by 2nd base
    .well ufi used it to cool off in. He was so muddy by the time i we left. I lost my keys that day at the park. I called my sister for a ride home but she wouldn’t let Ufi in her car covered in mud. Well grandma found her keys and didn’t even think twice about ufi being covered in mud , put him in the car and went home. Grandma would do anything to make Ufi happy. After everything he gives us,, playing fetch was nothing, and it made ufi so happy..
    ufi will be missed by so many but grandma will miss u more.
    I don’t want ufi to leave us, just yet it’s really going to hurt me after ufi is gone. Life here is going to be so different. Nothing will be the same. Just going in the back yard is going to suck without ufi. The whole back yard was for ufi. It was ufi back yard and soon he won’t be here to enjoy it anymore. Life without our ufi is really going to suck. Hope I can recover from him leaving grandma.

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