Happy Anniversary Ufi

Seven years ago today, we met Ufi for the first time. ‘Amazingly, he is here celebrating our seventh anniversary with us. His presence in our lives is the best anniversary gift Ufi could have given.

Yesterday, Mom’s Facebook account reminded us that five years ago we celebrated our anniversary with Ufi by taking him to the park to play, then to mom’s for more play and a barbecue. Remembering that day brought smiles to our faces. Ufi was so much fun!

Our seventh anniversary won’t be that wild. The tumor in his leg makes playing largely impossible. The rainy weather means it won’t be too safe for him to do much outside today and will prevent us from having a barbecue. But Ufi is still here loving us as best he can.

Today’s anniversary, especially since it will be our last, is worth celebrating. It will also welcome lots of appreciation and reflection.

Ufi, from the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for these seven years. Every day we have left with you will be special.

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