Ufi is Still Playing

Not only did Ufi make it to Christmas, but today he did some playing with his beloved ring.

Sure, it’s nothing like he once did. It’s not even what he could do a few weeks ago, but Ufi did play with his toy today.

Now, he doesn’t go far to have me chase. When I throw the ring, I try hard to get it right to him. He takes minutes-long rests after almost every throw. But he’s doing it.

It’s not exactly fun for me. I spend lots of time standing around. Still, I know the day will come when I wish for this kind of play. Even as I’m feeling kind of bored by it, it was the first time I had played with him in about a week. So, I remind myself to appreciate what we have.

I know it’s what I want to do for him. Ufi did everything he could for me. I’m going to give him as much fund as he can still have.

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