Reviewing King & Maxwell

King & Maxwell is the last book in David Baldacci’s King & Maxwell series. I read the previous books in the series years ago. Somehow, I didn’t realize the King & Maxwell book had been released. I’m glad I discovered it a few days ago.

Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are former secret service agents who run a private investigator service together. They are driving on a stormy night when a teenage boy races across the road carrying a gun.

King is reluctant to get too involved, but Maxwell senses there is more to the story than the kid is saying. When the kid offers to hire them to look into the death of his military father, things start getting weird and dangerous.

I enjoyed King & Maxwell and the entire series. This particular book had a good mix of interesting characters, mystery, secrecy, and commentary on the place of electronics in daily life.

I will say I wasn’t a big fan of the sometimes romance between King & Maxwell. I don’t think every story with a man and woman working together needs to involve them being romantically interested in each other. It would be nice to read books where a man and woman work together, respect each other, and don’t feel a need to cross the personal/professional line.

That being said, I recommend King & Maxwell. I wish the series had continued.

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