Ufi will Have Christmas with us

I’m so thrilled to be able to write that Ufi is almost certain to be sharing Christmas with us.

At first, we were hoping he would make it through the summer. As Thanksgiving drew closer, we really wanted one more holiday with Ufi. Sitting with him Thanksgiving night, I first dreamed of having Ufi for another Christmas. On December 22, as he watches Mom cook bacon, there is little chance we won’t have one more Christmas with Ufi.

For the last few weeks, Mom and Aunt Barb have been asking what I wanted for Christmas. Usually, I didn’t have a good answer. What I most wanted was something no one could give me. Now, thanks to Ufi’s unbelievable will to live, I will have the Christmas gift I most wanted.

Thanks to Mom, our Christmas will be full of loads of amazing food. I can’t wait to enjoy my seventh Christmas with Ufi.

From Ufi and I, have a truly Merry Christmas!


  1. Merry Christmas to you, your mom, and Barb! I’m so glad that Ufi is still around. Please tell your mom ‘hello’ from my sister, Liz.

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