Ufi Update for December 13, 2019

Ufi is hanging in there.

Amazingly, Ufi is still doing fairly well. We were thrilled to have him for Thanksgiving. Now, we are thinking we will have him for Christmas too.

That being said, he is slowing. Tuesday and Wednesday were very bad for Ufi. He couldn’t keep anything inside. He was having tons of trouble walking. Mom and I were thinking he could be almost out of time.

Since Wednesday, he has rebounded a bit. He doesn’t have stomach problems now. He is walking better than he was then. But he is noticeably less active and capable than he was even last week.

Ufi no longer walks around the block. He can’t do so without laying down way too much; instead, he walks to the corner and home.

He hasn’t played with his ring in more than a week. The last time he had it outside, Ufi just held it. I don’t imagine there will be any more accessible chase.

His head wants to move more. His heart is very willing. His leg is dying.

Even though the signs of decline are more obvious than ever, Ufi is still as much of himself as is possible. He moves around the house. He looks for food. He visits us for attention.

Ufi will lose this fight sooner than later. He certainly isn’t losing it without a fight.

We have been lucky enough to have him for months longer than we first thought. We will have him for more time. At this point, every day with our amazing Ufi is a true gift; in fact, it’s the best Christmas gift I could get. Truly, the only thing I really want for Christmas is another Christmas with the boy who has given me so much.

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