Missing Emma

It has been more than two months since our beloved Emma left us. Mom and I still talk about our sweetheart every day. Her ashes still sit on the couch, where she loved to sleep. We talk to her when we walk by her favorite bush; the bush she would almost always pretend she was hiding under.

Our Emma may be gone. She will never be forgotten.

Last week, Mom found a video on Facebook of Emma playing. It was taken a couple of months after we first got her. Sure, she didn’t play like other dogs, but her head shaking and foot stomping were uniquely Emma. Watching that video, Mom and I kept wishing we could have our Emma back. Thinking about that video brings a smile to my face. Emma, more than any animal I have known, had a way of making you smile.

She wasn’t full of energy. Except for snoring, she made almost no noise. But Emma had a way of letting you know she loved you and of reminding you how to show her you loved her. I will never forget the way she used to bang me with her paws or head when I wasn’t rubbing her tummy. I’m beyond glad she took her last breath with me scratching under her arm.

Obviously, Emma truly, positively impacted our lives. For that, we will always be grateful.

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