Personal Updates for October 10,2019

This post has updates about my eye, Ufi, and Mr. Rogers.

My Eye

It’s almost four AM. I have been awake since shortly after one. My surgery was a week ago. While my eye seems to be recovering, it is draining a lot. The only positions that keep the drainage manageable are sitting and standing. So, I have been reading news and blogging for hours.

My recovery time is supposed to be around two months. If all goes well, I should never have to get another orbital implant. I’m trying to focus on the positive. The next two months may be long and tiring, but I should never have to do this again.


In some ways, Ufi is seemingly doing well. He is moving around a decent amount. Yesterday, he played with his toys for a little while. But for the last several days he has been constipated. His constipation could be a normal condition that will be treated or go away on its own. His constipation could be something related to his being an older dog. Or, his constipation could mean his cancer has spread.

Since he doesn’t seem too uncomfortable and he is acting fairly normal, I will give it another day. If he’s still having trouble, we will have to get some tests run and hold our breaths.

The number of stressful things around here has been a lot. But we can only keep doing the best for Ufi and hoping for the best in return.

Mr. Rogers

I haven’t said much about Mr. Rogers lately. I guest that’s because he’s doing well. With all the situations that have been demanding attention, Mr. Rogers is being Mr. Rogers.

I wanted to write about the little guy today, because he has been such a great friend during all of this. He can almost always make me smile. His near-constant need for attention is sometimes hard to work with, but it’s impossible not to feel loved by Mr. Rogers. I couldn’t have a better cat.

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