Personal Updates for October 7, 2019

This post has updates on my eye, our broken furnace, Ufi, and my playing basketball.

My Eye

I visited the surgeon today. If all goes well, I will never see him again. I have nothing against the doctor, but I hope it turns out that way.

My eye is heeling nicely. The bandages, which were driving me crazy, were removed. That change has left me feeling quite a bit better. I’m still looking forward to the stitches dissolving, but getting rid of the bandages was a good step forward.

It will be two months before I can try on my new prosthetic eye. If it no longer fits, I will have to get another new eye made. Since I paid $603 for this one that will be a disappointment.

Until I’m able to wear an eye, I will have to wear sunglasses. I usually don’t wear sunglasses. I don’t want to wear them inside; that’s a little too stereotypical for me. Still, I don’t want anything getting in my eye, and I’m sure most people don’t want to see my eye without an eyeball.

By the way, I know there are folks who must wear sunglasses. My comment about a stereotype wasn’t meant to offend anyone. After all, I’m going to wear sunglasses because I must now too.


When we got this house, we knew the furnace would need to be replaced. It’s a 2003 model. With everything that has been going on, now was not a good time for ust to have to face that. Unwilling to give us a break, the furnace broke last Sunday. We discovered it had begun leaking carbon monoxide. Obviously, we aren’t taking a chance with that. So, a new furnace is being installed on Wednesday.


Ufi is having a pretty good day. He went for a nice walk with Mom and Scorpio this morning. This afternoon, he was able to play with his ring and get in his pool. We are so lucky that he is lasting so much longer than his diagnosis predicted.

Shooting Baskets

With my restrictions lifted, I was able to play basketball today. I only played for about 30 minutes; I’m not ready to push my eye. The week without ball left me sucking even more than usual. But I was glad to be outside, moving around, and doing something I enjoy.

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