Personal Updates for September 29, 2019

This time we have news on my eye, Ufi, and Scorpio.


I’m scheduled to have the long-awaited surgery on my eye this Thursday. A week ago, I put in my new prosthetic eye. I wanted to see how my eye would respond to the prosthetic after I had a course of antibiotics. It was a long shot, but I was hopeful I may be able to avoid the surgery.

A week later, my feels pretty good. There aren’t any signs of a new infection. So, I’m considering canceling the surgery. The danger of doing so is if something goes wrong later, I would have to wit at least six weeks for a new surgery date.

I’m going to call the surgeon on Tuesday to see what he thinks. I would love to avoid the surgery, but I’m nervous about more complications.


Ufi was diagnosed with cancer on July 25th. At the time, we expected him to live for about two months. Obviously, he has done better than that. He certainly has some bad days, but everyone with arthritis has bad days. Generally, Ufi is doing very well! He is still pretty active. He still wants to work. He is still a happy boy.

As usual, Ufi is out performing expectations.


Scorpio is recovering very well from his inflame intestines. He hasn’t vomited since we came home from the vet. The diarrhea the vet thought was certain never materialized. So, Scorp is on the mend.

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