Scorpio is Sick

The summer of stress and worry around here has continued until the fall. Yesterday afternoon, Scorpio, who is rarely sick, began vomiting. In about 10 hours, he vomited about a dozen times. He didn’t keep down his dinner or the ice cream Mom gave him. When he couldn’t keep down the boiled beef we tried this morning, it was time for him to go to the vet.

Scorpio has been diagnosed with enteritis of the intestines. This means his intestines are inflamed. He is expected to have explosive diarrhea. So far, that hasn’t happened. The medicine he is now taking has stopped the vomiting. He was even able to hold down the boiled chicken he had for dinner and with his nightly pill.

If all goes well, Scorpio will avoid going to the emergency vet tomorrow. That would be good because Scorp isn’t a good patient. The vet told us he tried biting her a couple of times; she wound up muzzling him. Anyone who knows Scorp knows how shocking that level of aggression is for him. That’s strong evidence of how sick he was and how unhappy being sick was making him.

To complete the afternoon, we had a 35 percent chance of thunder. This was a problem because Scorpio is so afraid of thunder that he pees when he hears it. When Mom and Scorp were leaving the vet to give him a chance to go, the first clap of thunder was heard. As soon as we got home, two televisions were turned up high and we tried to limit the noise from nature he could hear.

It was a bad day for Scorp. It was another stressful day for Mom and me. But Scorp seems to be recovering. So, this is a bullet we may wind up dodging.

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