Moscow Mitch Must Lose

There is rightly tons of focus on beating Donald Trump. Democrats will beat Donald Trump. At this point, most Republicans believe Democrats will maintain the House. Winning the presidency and holding the House won’t matter as much unless Moscow Mitch no longer leads the Senate.

I’m writing this hours after a gunman in Dayton, Ohio killed at least nine people. That came about 13 hours after a gunman in El Paso, Texas killed at least 20 people. These mass shootings keep happening because the Republican Party is too beholden to the donations of gun makers and the NRA. Also, there is the sad reality that white supremacists are a key part of the Republican base. For those reasons, Moscow Mitch and the rest of the selfish cowards will never take substantial action on gun control.

It’s time for Betto, John Hickenlooper and Steve Bullock to drop out of the presidential race. They need to go home and try to capture Senate seats in their states. Their presidential campaigns are going nowhere. By knocking off Senate Republicans they could have a much greater impact on our nation’s future than they will have continuing to barely register in the presidential race.

I understand why Stacy Abrams wants to be governor of Georgia. Until now, I agreed with her reasoning. Two mass shootings in 13 hours is a game changer. Democrats must do absolutely everything to boot Moscow Mitch from his perch atop the Senate. By Running, Abrams would make possible a seat that Democrats otherwise have little to no chance of winning.

This election has been the most consequential in decades for a long time. But the need to strip Moscow Mitch of his power makes this election even more essential. Beating Donald Trump is not enough. Everyone interested in a safer, more inclusive America must do what they can to ensure the downfall of Moscow Mitch.

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