Ufi Update

It has been 10 days since Ufi was diagnosed with cancer. We are hoping for a miracle, doing our best to help him enjoy life, and trying not to think about what we expect.

We are hoping for a miracle because there is a small chance his tumor isn’t cancerous.. While it’s the longest of shots, hope doesn’t cost anything. So, we are hoping the tumor doesn’t grow. Mom and Aunt Barb are convinced it’s getting smaller. We are seeing the vet this week. All of us hope Mom and Barb are right.

In case the awful news is true, we are doing everything to help Ufi enjoy himself and live a life that resembles the life he used to live. He is taking shorter walks. He is playing accessible chase. He is playing accessible ring. He is enjoying his pool. He is getting lots of people food. Twice this week he went to Darry Queen for ice cream.

Ufi is doing well. He still wags his tail a lot. He still looks for his toys. He still presses his head against you and wiggles his butt. If you didn’t know he most likely has terminal cancer, you wouldn’t believe he does.

Ufi has a strong will to live. His happiness and zest for life is making things a lot easier for me. We are going to keep doing what we can for as long as we can. We are going to hope for a miracle until there is no reason to hope. We are going to continue making good memories because the day will come when all those good memories will power us through the worst kind of sadness.

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