Ufi has cancer

The title says it all: Ufi has cancer.

Specifically, he has bone cancer. The vet says he’s terminally ill. At best, he may live for four months. Since the tumor is in his right front leg, he is immediately retiring. He is on medicine for the pain. All we can do now is keep him comfortable and enjoy him for the time we can enjoy him.

For the last couple of weeks, he has been having some trouble walking. Since he is normally so active, we thought he suffered a sprain; he has done that several times before. This time it didn’t get better. When he laid down during a walk the other day, something he had never done, we knew something was wrong.

Never expecting such a heartbreaking diagnosis, I had Mom take him to the vet while I went to work. Neither of us will ever forget her having to text me such surprising, awful news.

I could try amputating the leg, but the vet believes the cancer has already spread. I could try radiation, but that won’t get rid of the cancer.

Anyone who knows Ufi knows how much he hates going to the vet and taking medicine. He has spent his entire life on massive amounts of medicine for his allergies. I’m not going to make the time he has left even more miserable for him. I have decided no treatment will be pursued.

It sucks having to decide for a loved one who can’t tell you what they would choose. Being me, I will never feel quite right about my decision. There will always be a small part of me that will wonder if I quit on Ufi. But I think of how he always tries to hide behind me at the vet, and I can’t bring myself to force him to spend some of the time he has left doing something I know he hates. That’s especially true when, according to the vet, the treatments have little chance of success.

I’m going to spend the next few days getting used to the idea that Ufi will soon be leaving us. I’m going to spend the next few days getting ready to live a life without Ufi as my trusty guide and protector. I’m going to spend the rest of Ufi’s life reminding him of how much I appreciate and love him.

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  1. It’s just not going to be the same here without my grandson (Ufi). This is his house, his backyard. We had to go through so much to give Ufi is own play area, putting in the fake grass, cuz he’s allergic to grass. Ufi only got to enjoy it one summer. So unfair!!!
    Ufi is such a The Incredible grandson. I have never seen a smarter dog then Ufi!!! He so smart he knew his play leash from his work leash, when he worked, I would only show Ufi one time how to get to a new place. The next time they had to go there he could take jonathan right there. I never had to worry about the both of them when they had to go out : Ufi also was Jonathan bodyguard, yes I said Bodyguard, as he have to stop people from thinking about robbing or hurting Jonathan. His hair would go up on his back, Ufi would get a look on his face that would scare the shit out of someone. What more could a grandma want form a grandson? Well this grandma wants 1 more thing for Ufi, for him to live. Ufi has so much more life in him to die now. He’s just to young to leave this earth and to leave us. Grandma it’s ready to lose her wonderful grandson Right now. Especially because we didn’t have any time to prepare for something so terrible. One day U go to work the next day grandma takes u to the vet, and they tell grandma Ufi has cancer. How can I deal with that? Have to tell jonathan his son (Ufi) has cancer.
    Then because of the cancer jonathan has to retire his best and only friend. His best buddy that went everywhere together. Now that is over too.
    Right now this grandma is hurt , mad, and really pissed off, this part of our life isn’t suppose to happen right now. I keep thinking that the vet made a mistake and Ufi doesn’t have cancer and he’s going to give us more time to love him. That’s whats what this grandma wants .
    Ufi is all

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