Reviewing Ice Cold

Ice Cold is the sixth book in Tess Gerritsen’s Rizzoli & Isles series. I have read each of the first six and liked all of them. Ice Cold was tremendous. I like the series so much I’ve given up on ranking them. I finished Ice Cold in one night.

Boston Medical examiner Maura Isles is having trouble in her romantic relationship. At a conference in Wyoming, she comes across a man she went to medical school with and agrees to go on a trip to the mountains with the man, his 13-year-old-daughter and a couple of his friends. They get lost in a snowstorm and wind up in a town that appears to be abandon. But lots of things aren’t making sense.

It turns out the now vacant town used to be a polygamist compound. During the story, Maura meets up with a so-called lost boy (a boy vanished from the polygamist sect) who saves her life.

Ice Cold was truly a great suspense story. I was surprised by some of the plot twists and enjoyed all of them. If you enjoy mysteries and you like suspense–you will love Ice Cold.

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