Ufi’s Liver is Fine

As I wrote last week, Ufi has been having problems urinating more frequently. Thinking the problem could be caused by the steroids he is taking for his allergies attacking his liver, we greatly reduced the dosage of steroids he’s taking and made an ultrasound appointment. Today, he went for his ultrasound. As the title indicates, his liver is fine!

Not only is Ufi’s liver in good shape, but they didn’t fine anything wrong with any of his internal organs. So, we know he doesn’t have any physical issues hurting him from within.

On the much lower dose of steroids, Ufi seems to be urinating normally. He hasn’t gone in the house again. So, we have to hope this much lower dosage of steroids won’t allow his allergies to get bad.

Even though the steroids haven’t really harmed him yet, that scare has convinced me of the value of pursuing every possible alternative to steroids. Let’s hope something else works at least as well.

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