Personal Updates for March 17, 2019

It looks like spring is finally trying to spring. I won’t say it has sprung, because cool rainy weather may return this week. At least we have had a few nice days lately.

I have been sleeping a little better for the last month. Largely giving up Coke and the almost complete los of heartburn has been a big help. The new bed, which I will cover in a future review, has also helped. It’s useful for me to be able to elevate my head.

Two weeks ago, I bought a new Life Fitness elliptical. I will cover that in a future review too. It’s nice having a working elliptical again. I had my best luck with the elliptical; its low-impact exercise works well for me.

All of the animals are doing well. Ufi’s current treatments seem to give him consistent relief from his allergies.

As usual, he is doing great work. Now that things are getting warmer, Ufi has been playing more fetch.

Scorpio seems a little less scared than he used to be by loud noises. Of course, the real test will come during fireworks season.

Scorpio loves honey-roasted peanuts. I have a jar of them next to my chair. As soon as we finish dinner, he begins nudging me and the bowl of peanuts. He won’t give up until he gets a handful.

Emma isn’t losing weight; however, the pain medicine has made her a little more active. She’s by no means active, but she is getting up more often.

Yesterday, I gave her a long tummy rub.

Mr. Rogers is Mr. Rogers. All he wants is to be held, or to stay on my electric blanket. As the weather warms, he will be outside more.

After deciding I wasn’t going to post to Facebook any longer, I eventually decided to tweet. Again, my Twitter handle is Jonathan_Ufi. You can see my 10 latest tweets on this site.

That’s all for now. I hope all of you are well.

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