Personal Update for December 1,2018

This personal update has news about: my job; home improvements; exercise; Ufi; and Mr. Rogers.

An Update on my Job

This week at work was not a bad week, but it was far from a good week. I’m not going to go into details other than to say I now realize in a way I didn’t fully comprehend before that some don’t appreciate what I’m doing. Part of that lack of appreciation stems from a lack of understanding of what I’m doing, and it’s also true about others doing similar work; I don’t want anyone to think I’m being singled out here.

Still, I know I will find a way to better demonstrate what I can do and to convince more people of my value and the need for the work I can do. It’s going to be a longer game than I once thought. I will, as I always do, land on my feet and wind up where I belong.

Home Improvements

When I got this house in September of 2016, I was aware there were a few things that needed updating. One of those was the gutter system. It has never drained right, and it’s 30 years old. The drainage problems had begun creating dry rot–which can’t be left to stand.

Yesterday, I had the gutters replaced. At a cost of $3,125, it was an expense I didn’t enjoy paying. But it’s the kind of thing I couldn’t let go either.

So far, I’m happy with the work the company did. During last night’s rain, we could tell how much better the new gutters are working.

Mom says the bit of dry rot that existed was fixed correctly too. So, I’m feeling good about how that project was resolved, and I’m looking forward to not thinking about the gutters for at least 15 years.


Honesty compels me to report: I have done a bad job keeping to a consistent exercise routine since working. I know that’s an area where I simply must be better.

I moved my Apple Watch to my left wrist. Now, I can no longer get credit for burning calories when I pat the animals. That change will force me to be more realistic with the exercise I’m doing.

My goal had been to burn 600 active calories during my daily workouts. Now, I’m hoping for 600, but I’ll settle for 500. Instead of hoping to exercise every day, I will try to exercise each day I don’t go to the office. If I get extra exercise, I’ll consider it a bonus. Being more honest about what I can accomplish now will make it easier for me to be more consistent, because I won’t be mad at myself if I miss a day.


Ufi is doing well on two daily doses of steroids. I know, we have been here many times before. Still, it’s important to appreciate the good news when we have it. With Ufi, he’s always close to another allergic reaction.

Mr. Rogers

I wanted to give Mr. Rogers some props. He is truly a wonderful pet. During my sadly too frequent bouts of insomnia, he’s a great companion. I love the way he climbs on me, lays down, and pers. He just makes me smile.

That’s all

I hope all of you are well and that things are going well for you. If not, keep trying. Things can always improve. There is no substitute for effort and attitude.

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