Talking About Impeaching Kavanaugh is Stupid

Even before Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed, many Democrats were talking about impeaching him. While I would have never voted to confirm Kavanaugh and while I do believe he could be impeached, talking about impeaching him is stupid. The reason is simple: Democrats are unlikely to have the votes and Republicans will use talk of impeachment as an election issue.

Impeachment is the process where the House refers someone to the Senate for a trial on at least one charge. A simple majority is all that’s needed to impeach in the House. The problem is that conviction requires 67 senators to vote in favor of conviction. Barring some extraordinary evidence coming to light, there is no chance of getting 67 senators to vote for conviction. To reach that number, it is very likely more than a dozen Republicans would have to support conviction.

Instead of talking about impeaching Kavanaugh, Democrats should be talking about issues that excite the base while not providing Republicans a talking point. Assuming Democrats win the House, they should do the kind of investigation into Kavanaugh Republicans were afraid to do. When we know the total story of Kavanaugh, talking about impeachment may make sense. Until then, focus on winning.

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