Credit Freezes Explained

My view is that everyone should freeze their three credit reports. Before telling you how to freeze your credit reports, I will tell you things about credit freezes you may want to know.

  • Most creditors will not open an account in your name without seeing your credit report. So, freezing your credit makes it very difficult for someone else to open accounts in your name.
  • A credit freeze doesn’t hurt your credit score.
  • A credit freeze doesn’t keep you from getting a job, opening an account, renting an apartment, getting a loan, or any other area where credit is checked. This is because you can unfreeze your credit when you need someone to see it.
  • Any existing creditors and government agencies acting with a subpoena can see your credit reports even after they have been frozen.
  • Freezing your credit reports is free. So is unfreezing and refreezing them as needed.

In order to freeze your credit reports, you must contact the three credit bureaus separately. You can freeze your credit reports online or over the phone. The information you need is below:

  • Equifax You can call Equifax at 800-685-1111.
  • Experian Experian’s phone number is 888-397-3742
  • TransUnion Transunion’s number is 888-909-8872

For my blind friends: the TransUnion website has some accessibility issues. When I froze my credit reports, I had to call TransUnion. The Equifax and Experian sites worked fine for me.

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