The Daughter Rule

As we wait for Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford to testify in front of the Senate’s Judiciary Committee, some Republicans are saying what happened decades ago shouldn’t impact the nomination. As the title of this post indicates, I have an idea as to the kind of conduct that should matter.

Here’s a simple standard for men to be judged by and for men to consider: if your action toward a woman is something you wouldn’t want done to your daughter–your conduct is wrong. Applying this logical rule to the conduct Dr. Ford is alleging Brett Kavanaugh did to her, we now have an answer even Kavanaugh would support.

I’m guessing Kavanaugh would demand criminal prosecution of a boy who put his daughter on a bed, began ripping at her clothes, and covered her mouth when she screamed. Since we all know that’s true, we all now know how Kavanaugh’s conduct should be judged.

If Dr. Ford is credible, something I believe will happen, we all should now be able to agree Kavanaugh is unfit to serve on the Supreme Court.

Sadly, we also know the Republican Party isn’t interested truth. Even worse, we have a good idea Republican men, who seem to love supporting sexual predators, would oppose the daughter rule–unless the victim was their daughter. Hypocrisy is a too common thing.

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