Bernie Sanders Medicare for all Explained

Bernie Sanders has announced the Medicare for All Act of 2017 (Medicare for all). Medicare for all establishes the Universal Medicare Program (UMP). Under the UMP, every resident of the United States would be guaranteed truly comprehensive health care. Except for small copays for prescription drugs, there would be no out-of-pocket expenses for obtaining health care.

Medicare for all would cover everything that is medically necessary. Long-term care, dental care, and vision coverage which aren’t currently covered by Medicare would be covered by the UMP. No longer would women have to worry about the possibility of paying more for health insurance simply because they can get pregnant.

Medicare for all eliminates deductibles and coinsurance. You would no longer be charged for every trip to the doctor and the UMP would cover the entire cost of your care. Never again would an American go bankrupt because of medical expenses not covered by insurance.

Medicare for all phases in the UMP. In the first year, children under the age of 18 and people at least 55 years old would be enrolled. In the second year, eligibility would be extended to those who have reached the age of 45. In the third year, anyone at least 35 years old or older would be included. By the fourth year, every American would have the UMP.

During the first year of the UMP, Medicare coverage would immediately be improved to offer dental care, vision coverage, and hearing aids. Also, the deductibles for Medicare part A, B, and D would be eliminated in the first year of the UMP.

Medicare for all wouldn’t affect health care offered by the Veterans Administration or the Indian Health Service.

Sanders released a white paper with some ideas for funding the UMP.


  1. I hope this goes through. But what does the person who is over 18 and under 55? What kind of health insurance will they have and do they have to pay?

    1. Hi Barb,

      Thank you for your comment. Sadly, this has no chance of becoming law soon. It really should though. If it did, insurance would eventually be free for everyone. Also, everything we needed would be covered. During the transition period, people would have the insurance they have now. If that insurance wasn’t continued, they would have the chance to get into the UMP earlier.

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