Instant Pot Review

A couple of weeks ago, I purchased the Instant Pot Smart (Instant Pot). The Instant pot’s Bluetooth connectivity allows me to use the accessible Smart Cooker app to program and monitor the device.

So far, I’ve made baby back ribs and mashed potatoes. Both recipes turned out very well. The ribs literally fell off the bone. The mashed potatoes cooked up so soft and fluffy that they hardly needed any additional mashing.

I’m in the process of looking for more delicious Instant Pot recipes. If you have any, or if you know of a good place to find some, please let me know.

People, like me, who aren’t naturally technically inclined should know that in order to pair Instant Pot it must be plugged in but turned off. Mom, Barb, and I spent about two hours trying to pair our iPhones with Instant Pot. Eventually, Barb figured out the device needs to be off. Not one of our better moments.

For my blind friends: this review of Instant Pot from the American Foundation for the Blind is worth a read.

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