The First to Die

If you only read the headlines, you wouldn’t know three innocent people were murdered at a Greenwood, Indiana mall on Saturday. Even the liberals favorite newspapers The New York
Times and The Washington Post have headlines focusing on how quickly an armed civilian killed the murderer. But the real story is that three innocent people died and two were injured before the civilian got the kill.

In this sick era where the stopping of a massacre after three people have been killed having lunch, we have to ask an important question. Are you willing to be the first to die?

The murderer fired for less than two minutes. Again, that was long enough for three people to be killed and for two others to be injured. For those five people, the media’s newest hero was too late.

Murderers intent on mass murder don’t announce their intention to murder people having lunch or students learning. At the Greenwood, Indiana mall, the murderer didn’t walk around with a megaphone for a couple of minutes telling everyone he had a rifle and he would shortly kill people. In Uvalde, the murderer didn’t call the school and say I’m on my way to kill your children. In Buffalo, the murderer didn’t scream you better run I’m shooting in five minutes.

Absent the kinds of absurd warnings that will never come, an armed civilian is not going to be able to save any lives until some innocent lives have been lost. It’s good that this person prevented more loss of life. But the real story is not what he did. The real story is that three people are dead and two others are injured because a murderer was able to fire an assault weapon inside a mall for nearly two minutes.

If you are foolish enough to see the person who ended the massacre as a hero, and if you actually believe the story is the massacre being stopped after less than two minutes, you need to ask yourself this important question: Are you willing to be the first to die?

If you are stupid enough to answer yes, I feel sorry for you. If you are stupid enough to think asking that question and forcing others to pay with their lives is an acceptable price for your idiotic interpretation of the constitution, you are a terrible person. If you understand no one should have to be the first to die, you can only come to one conclusion. Whether America likes it or not, gun control, not the political lies packaged as gun control, is the only answer. People will not stop dying at food courts until gun control actually addresses controlling guns.

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