Reviewing The Wax Pack

With all the serious stuff happening, I wanted an entertaining read that would encourage me to think more about comforting subjects. Brad Balukjain’s The Wax Pack was just the ticket.

Like me, Brad is a huge baseball fan who began loving the game as a child in the 1980s. Unlike me, Brad was a big baseball card collector. In the summer of 2015, he got the fun idea to purchase an unopened pack of baseball cards from 1986 and try to track down the 15 players represented by the cards.

In seven weeks, Brad drove from coast-to-coast and back again. Along the way, he met with 12 former players and the family of a thirteenth, because one of the players in his wax pack died in 2002. In case you’re interested in reading the book, I’m not going to share the list of players or their individual stories. But I will say I appreciated the way Brad didn’t shy away from controversial questions. The book has a lot of interesting things to say about life, family, tragedy, and multiple kinds of abuse.

If you’re a baseball fan, you will really enjoy The Wax Pack. If you, like me, feel like it’s time for something more entertaining than serious, you will get extra benefits from the read. But don’t count on a book that doesn’t make you think a bit. An entertaining book that makes you think and is about a subject you appreciate is an excellent read.

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