Introducing Shadow

Shadow’s Story

For about two years, Mom and I have been walking by Shadow. While our dogs were getting walked, Shadow was tied up on concrete with little room to move and often surrounded by his own crap.

We don’t believe he had regular access to water. He didn’t seem to have enough to eat. We rarely saw him out for a walk. Every time someone went by him, Shadow would bark and growl.

For a couple of months, Mom, while she has been walking Scorpio, has been throwing food to Shadow. Eventually, she started handing him food through the fence.

For a couple of weeks, Mom and a neighbor of ours have been walking Shadow.

Through those experiences, we came to understand the dog we had once named abused could be a wonderful pet. It would never happen for him, though, if he remained tied to concrete by a family that didn’t care about him.

Last Monday, Mom bought Shadow for $50. Now, we are trying to find Shadow the forever home he deserves.

Shadow’s Current Behavior

Shadow seems fine aroun adults. Several of us have met him without any problems.

Mom has been teaching him to play some fetch. She says Shadow is a smart boy who wants to love and trust.

Since getting Shadow, we have gotten all of his vaccines updated. Next Friday, he will be neutered. That should help him a lot and increase his chances at finding someone who will be able to open their heart and home to this boy who has known so much hurt.

Mom and I aren’t currently plan to keep Shadow because he is not yet good with other animals. When he has seen Mr. Rogers, he tugs on his leash and looks like he wants to eat my beloved little buddy. When Mom walks him, Shadow barks and growls at other dogs. So, Shadow would do best in a home where he was the only animal and where someone has the knowledge and time to properly socialize him.

Over the last couple of days, we have grown quite fond of Shadow. Mom and I know he has lots of potential. He only needs a second chance in an environment that will love, support, and teach him.

Efforts to Find Shadow’s Forever Home

Saturday morning, we are meeting someone with a local rescue group who may be able to help. She wants to see Shadow for herself before committing to what if any assistance they can provide. So, we are nervously anticipating Saturday.

So far, I have called about 40 shelters from Washington to California and even some outside the West. But we don’t yet know what will happen to Shadow. I can’t imagine euthanizing him. He doesn’t deserve to pay the ultimate price because a selfish family abused and neglected him.

While I will say more about the experience of contacting so many shelters in a future post, the focus now is Shadow. Please keep him in your thoughts. He needs what has sometimes felt like a miracle to have his life saved.

Describing Shadow.

We believe Shadow is a rottweilier mix. He is mostly black with some brown on his legs, nose, and around his eyes. At the vet, he weighed 55 pounds. While we aren’t certain of his age, we think Shadow is three or four.

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