Reviewing Muzzled

Muzzled seems to be the second book in Eileen Brady’s Kate Turner series. I read Muzzled because Kate is a vet and I love animals. I started with Muzzled because it was there and I didn’t know it was the second in the series. I enjoyed muzzled and am planning on reading the rest of the series.

Kate Turner is substituting for a rural New York State vet who is taking a much-needed vacation. Recently, Kate watched a man she mistakenly loved lose interest in her for a younger woman. So, the different environment of a rural vet who makes house calls is appealing to Kate.

Early in her new job, Kate goes to the home of a wealthy elderly couple whose dogs compete in shows. Expecting to check on a dog she previously treated, Kate is shocked to find the couple murdered.

As the small town rumor mill starts to hint she may be a suspect, Kate can’t help but investigate.

Almost everyone in town, including the chief of police, has a motive to want the cranky old couple dead. But when their estranged daughter casually disposes of the valuable dogs, Kate considers her the leading suspect.

Muzzled was an entertaining read. My favorite thing about the story is that I never came too close to putting the pieces together. Brady did such a good job creating suspicion that I never felt confident in where things were going. That made the story keep my curiosity and caused it to go quickly.

If you like stories about animals and mysteries that keep you guessing, Muzzled will make you happy.

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