Reviewing Blue Moon

Blue Moon is the latest in Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series. I have read all of the books in the Reacher series. I keep reading them, because I like Reacher. Still, I think the series should soon end.

Reacher is riding a Greyhound bus. The old man in front of him has an envelope that looks like it came from a bank sticking out of his pocket. Reacher isn’t the only one who notices the possibility of cash hanging from the old man’s coat.

When the old man gets off the bus, the kid who had been eyeing the envelope follows. So, of course, does Reacher.

After forcing the kid to abandon his plan to rob the old man, Reacher discovers the old man is in trouble. Part of the man’s trouble stems from the battle being waged in the community by rival gangs.

While I enjoyed Blue Moon and I will always like Reacher, recent additions to the series have left me feeling like the stories are becoming too unreal. As Reacher ages, he must be in his fifties, the idea that he kills so many without ever getting seriously injured is becoming difficult to believe. Part of the Reacher attraction to many is the larger than life aspects of his moral tough guy persona. But I think the idea is running out of believability.

I found myself torn between hoping this time Reacher would settle down with Abby and not sure I wanted the series to end. The reacher series, as we know it, would certainly end if Reacher were to share his life with another. Personally, I hope the series ends that way. I’m not looking forward to seeing the increasing unrealism end with Reacher being killed.

If you, like me, enjoy the Reacher series, Blue Moon is going to be worth your time.

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