Another Great Ufi Story

Ufi is an amazing dog! Here is another story that demonstrates how special he is and how lucky we are to have him.

Thursday afternoon, I was relaxing in my bed. The anesthesia was still working its way through my system. I needed to use the bathroom, but I wasn’t sure about the stability of my walking.

Since the bathroom is right outside my room, I gave it a shot. As I headed for the door to my room, Ufi who was in the hall, stood too. He has always tried to make sure he wasn’t in my way. That’s what I assumed he was doing again.

When I stepped into the hall, my head started lightly spinning. I felt a little sicker. But I was almost to the bathroom.

Instead of moving away from me, as he usually did when Ufi thought I was going somewhere in the house, he stood next to me. When I wobbled, Ufi put his side against my leg and pushed me upright again.

Honestly, I don’t believe I would have fallen had he not been there. But the awareness Ufi showed and his ability to figure out how he could help truly touched my heart.

Ufi may not guide any longer, but he still finds ways to protect me and to demonstrate his love.

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