October Thoughts on the Democratic Primary

As always, I feel the need to remind people I’m supporting Bernie Sanders. His recent heart attack has done nothing to diminish my support of Sanders. Millions of Americans have had heart attacks and gone on to be very productive.

With that out of the way, I want to add a few random thoughts on the state of the race.

The corporate-sponsored media and pollsters keep telling us Joe Biden is leading. The third quarter money race tells a far different story. Biden raised around 15 million dollars. Despite the fact that he is doing everything he can to reassure the corporate masters he is their friend, Biden finished fourth in third quarter fund raising. Even Wall Street Pete, who is going nowhere in the polls, raised millions more than Corporate Joe.

Bernie Sanders total for the third quarter was 25.3 million dollars. That is the biggest fundraising quarter any Democratic candidate has had this cycle. Even Elizabeth Warren, who is being sold as the most electable progressive, raised less in the third quarter than did Bernie.

Kamala Harris, even though she is from the largest state, continues to struggle. Once again, she raised less than 12 million dollars. Harris will hang around, but she has no real shot at the nomination.

With Biden’s lack of appeal becoming more obvious, I keep waiting to see how the Sanders/Warren differences will manifest. Eventually, they will have to clearly go at each other and make their individual case.

The October debate will see a dozen candidates on stage. That’s way too many to have the kind of discussions we need the candidates to have with each other. The Democratic National Committee must tighten the requirements for the November debate. At this point, only Sanders, Warren, Corporate Joe, Wall Street Pete, and Harris have a chance at the nomination. In the case of Wall Street Pete and Harris, their claims to the nomination are tenuous at best. We really need a debate between Sanders, Warren, and Corporate Joe. Ultimately, that is where this race is headed.

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