Looking Ahead to 2019

I recapped my year in review. This post is looking ahead for me in 2019. I will preview the following topics:

  • My job
  • Exercise and health
  • Continued Learning
  • Relationships
  • This website
  • The house

My Job

I really like the way things are going at work. While things can always be better, I am confident I’m where I need to be right now. I am sure 2019 will see me play a role in several projects that make Portland a more equitable, accessible city.

Exercise and Health

I will do a better job sticking to my exercise routine in 2019 than I did in 2018. I feel like I’m getting used to the kind of schedule that will give me a work/life balance that will make regular exercise easier than it was in 2018.

Feeling established in my role at work and developing a schedule that is working will help me eat better. It’s not a questions of me eating too often, it’s a questions of what I eat. Specivically, I need to greatly reduce my consumption of sugar and other refined carbohydrates.

I know what I need to do. Like way too many of us, the issue is doing what I know I must do. At this point, I’m confident things will go better. I hope I don’t fail myself.

Continued Learning

I’m definitely a lifelong learner. I know there is much I should know that I don’t know. In addition to continue reading as often as I can, I have committed myself to pursuing three certifications that are related to my career. It’s my hope to obtain all three certifications in 2019. As I make progress, I will provide updates.

Making Connections.

In 2019, I’m going to make more interpersonal connections. Some of them will result from a desire to work in a collaborative way at work. Others will result from my commitment to find more ways to get involved in the community.


This is more of a hope springs eternal situation. Obviously, whether or not I finally find love isn’t entirely my call. Still, I’m entering 2019 feeling like I’m better positioned to find the love I want than I have been before. Of course, I have thought this at the start of several other years. But I’m continuing to improve in many ways. This is going to happen. Why not 2019?

My Website

I’m going to keep updating this website. Even though very few people visit and read what I have to say, I enjoy saying what I think should be said. I also like sharing interesting things I read, listen to, or watch. So, I will be active here in 2019.

The house

I will continue making improvements at home. If all goes well, I will increase the insulation, fix the exhaust in the kitchen, and put a fan in the new bathroom.


There are the things I want to accomplish and those I’m hoping for in 2019. I hope you are feeling good about 2019 and that you reach your goals for the year too.

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