America Needs President Pence

I know it won’t happen. Republicans lack the courage. Still, it’s time for the vice president and Trump’s cabinet to enact the 25th Amendment.

This has been the most chaotic week of what has been the most chaotic presidency in American history. Clearly, Trump is becoming more unstable and irrational by the day. As House Democrats gain the subpoena power and the numerous criminal investigations close in, Trump is going to do anything to protect himself–even if his actions are terrible for our country.

The less people believe his lies. The less of a distraction he can cause by attacking people on Twitter. The more danger he feels from Russia. Trump will have to go farther-and-farther to deflect.

For nearly two years, Republicans have been placating Trump while he signs their irresponsible legislation and allows corporations to destroy much of what many of us care about. But the time has come for politically-convenient placating of an obvious incompetent to come to an end.

America doesn’t have time for impeachment. Impeachment would make the record polarization worse. It’s time for Republicans to start caring at least as much about America as they do themselves. It’s time for Republicans to enact the 25th Amendment.

Mike Pence would be a terrible president. Donald Trump is the worst president in American history–there is a difference. With Pence, the GOP can have its anti citizen, pro corporation agenda. With Pence, the GOP can have traditional misguided GOP foreign policy. With Pence, America can put the breaks on daily criminality coming from the White House. With Pence, America can have an administration that is kind of predictable.

I can’t believe I’m writing this:America needs President Pence.

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