Trump’s Withdrawal from Syria is More Stupid Foreign Policy

Donald Trump is so incompetent and compulsive that I can’t support a withdrawal of troops from Syria.

I’m tired of America pretending to spread democracy when it wants an excuse to do the bidding of corporations. I’m tired of America ignoring democracy when it wants an excuse to do the bidding of corporations. I’m tired of America killing civilians, destroying infrastructure, and polluting the air, land, and water of other nations because America only pretends to care. I’m tired of America making up villains and stoking fear to justify lining the pockets of the military industrial complex while starving the poor, denying people health care, and failing to educate too many.

Our troops never should have gone to Iraq. Going to Afghanistan with no idea for the aftermath of war was stupid. Getting involved in Syria without an inkling of what a political solution would look like was another example of the incompetence that has plagued American foreign policy. Still, withdrawing from Syria at the whim of someone who should have long ago been impeached makes no sense.

American troops should leave Syria. But their withdrawal should be done in an orderly, responsible way. Abandoning the Kurds, empowering Russia, making things easier for Iran, increasing the likelihood of war between Israel and Iran, leaving refugees to be slaughtered by a madman the world is too cowardice to remove from power doesn’t advance America’s interest.

By failing to responsibly withdraw from Syria, Trump has made things so much worse than they would have been had America never gotten involved in Syria in the first place. America’s credibility is further diminished. When chemical weapons are once again used to kill–the world will remember America’s latest mistake. When ISIS begins recapturing land and enslaving and torturing innocent people–the world will remember America’s latest mistake.

The only thing worse than getting involved in another country with no idea about what you can accomplish is leaving those you promised to protect knowing they will pay for your stupidity.

America shouldn’t be the world’s police because the idea that America knows what’s best for everyone is the height of arrogance and a demonstration of America’s foolish belief in its exceptionalism. But America must stop breaking things and failing to take responsibility for its role in the chaos it helps create.

When will we learn: the best way to stop conflict is to stop participating in conflict?

The world doesn’t need America to blow things up and kill people. America could use its resources for good if America understood many more problems would be solved by building hospitals and schools than will ever be solved by destroying them.

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