Debunking Arguments in Support of Kavanaugh

Now that Kavanaugh has been confirmed, this post doesn’t have much value. Still, I think it’s worth publishing the truth.

Below are a few of the arguments advanced by Kavanaugh supporters and my rebuttals.

His Embarrassing Testimony Resulted From the Serious Allegations

The Washington Post story detailing Dr. Ford’s allegation was published on Sunday, September 16th. The hearing where Kavanaugh showed everyone his bad temper, proclivity for unfounded conspiracy theories, ability to be verbally abusive, and his willingness to repeatedly lie was held on Thursday, September 27th.

Kavanaugh had 16 days to prepare. The remarks he gave to the Senate Judiciary Committee were written ahead of the hearing. He wasn’t simply responding to what Dr. Ford said; in fact, Kavanaugh claims he didn’t watch her testimony. Taking Kavanaugh at his word, something that shouldn’t t really be done, he wrote his lines about Clinton conspiracies, attacks on Democrats, and even promised “What goes around comes around” without knowing what Dr. Ford said.

Kavanaugh’s words were carefully planned. His abhorrent delivery was appropriately orchestrated. His lies came easy for a liar. His theater was embraced by the political hacks and conspiracy mongers he has historically joined.

Six FBI Investigations

Republicans and Kavanaugh himself keep reminding us six prior FBI background checks showed nothing of concern. Let’s bunk this argument with one infamous example of the FBI repeatedly missing serious criminal conduct in someone’s passed.

Dennis Hastert survived several background checks on his way to being a Republican speaker of the House. Later, he went to prison because of his past as a serial child molester.

The American Bar Association gave Kavanaugh its Highest Rating

Kavanaugh has been rated by the ABA several times. It’s true that after he was nominated by Trump, he was given the organization’s highest rating. It’s also true that after Dr. Ford’s story came to light, the ABA called for a full FBI investigation.

Also worth noting is that in 2006, the ABA downgraded its rating of Kavanaugh over questions about his temperament.

Uncorroborated Allegations

Kavanaugh supporters repeatedly say none of the allegations against him have been corroborated.. Some of the reasons why this is bogus are as follows:

  • Mark Judge was the only person besides Dr. Ford and Kavanaugh alleged to be in the room. By his own admission, Judge was a serious alcoholic at the time. Also, Judge has been a longtime friend of Kavanaugh.
  • Since Dr. Ford, Kavanaugh, and Judge were the only three in the room and because Dr. Ford didn’t tell anyone else for decades, no one else could have said the assault happened with certainty.
  • The FBI interviewed nine people.
  • The FBI didn’t interview either Dr. Ford or Kavanaugh.
  • Dr. Ford submitted several affidavits from people whom she told about the assault years before Kavanaugh was nominated to serve on the Supreme Court. The FBI didn’t interview any of them.
  • Several people contacted the FBI to speak about Kavanaugh’s drinking and behavior. The FBI didn’t interview any of them.

It’s impossible for someone to corroborate their allegation when you make corroboration impossible.

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