Personal Update August 28, 2018

The big personal news is that I’m on vacation this week. While I, for the most part, enjoy my job, I’m really glad to have this vacation. Since I like summer so much, I would have preferred warmer weather than I’m going to have. Still, I’m making the most of and enjoying the time off.

Before going on vacation, I had three goals:

  1. Relax
  2. go to some events
  3. and work on online dating


I have really enjoyed regularly updating this site, reading a lot more than I have been, spending time with the animals, playing basketball, forgetting about work, and more. If only my fantasy baseball team had made the playoffs.

Going to Events

Tomorrow, Mom, Eve, and I are going to the Oregon State Fair. I’m looking forward to visiting the petting zoo (I’m not sure I agree with it though,) going on rides, and having some fair food. We will probably have an elephant ear (fried dough to my New England friends).

I was hoping to attend two progressive political events. So far, none have really grabbed my attention. Maybe the Labor Day weekend has kept things off the schedule.

Online Dating

I will detail my years-long, sometimes frustrating experience in a post published tomorrow. For now, I’ll say that I’m feeling better about online dating than I ever have. Here are my current thoughts about online dating in no particular order:

  • I am proud of my profile. It really sums me up and presents who I’m looking to find.
  • I have realistic expectations. I have learned that the vast majority of women I write will never reply. Even though I know my blindness is a major reason why I will not get many replies (I will demonstrate how I know tomorrow,) I am confident in this experience going well.
  • I’m confident, because I only want one woman. I’m not a polygamist. I truly want to marry my best friend and work with her to create an amazing partnership.
  • Since I’m certain everything will work out, I’m writing to any woman who seems like she could make me happy. Given my standards and my unwillingness to settle, I’m not writing to lots of women. But I’m continuing to look and have an open mind. That’s leading me to write to a few more women than I have previously written.
  • This time, I’m aware that online dating may or may not find me the woman I’m seeking. Either way, going through the experiences I will have are going to help me continue improving. They will also expose me to a few more people, which is never a bad thing.

Sitting here, I’m sure this time online dating will go better than it ever has for me. I can’t, of course, know if it will work. But I’m going to enjoy the ride and whatever happens will be what happens.

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