Ufi Does Some Amazing Things

Ufi and I were waiting for the bus at a busy intersection. A vehicle, which turned out to be a paratransit bus, was broken-down in front of the bus stop. When they began hammering on the broken bus, I started wondering. How would I hear the bus we wanted? where would it stop? Thanks to an app on my phone, I knew the bus was due to arrive any minute.

Suddenly, Ufi got to his feet and started nudging my leg. Unable to hear very well, I stood, took his harness handle, and asked, “What is it, U?”

Ufi turned left and we started down the sidewalk. I had enough faith in him to trust Ufi knew what he was doing. He turned right and stepped into the bus.

“I’m sorry,” the bus driver said. “The broken bus kept me from getting to the stop.”

Petting Ufi’s head, I said, “That’s all right. Ufi knows what he’s doing.”

Heading for a seat, I heard someone on the street say, “That dog knew where the bus was.”

Petting Ufi’s head, I was once again reminded of how lucky I am to have such a wonderful boy.

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