Reviewing Smart Baseball

Smart Baseball by Keith Law is a must read for anyone who loves baseball, or wants to learn more about the game. Mr. Law, who is a baseball analyst for ESPN, discusses my favorite sport through the historical lens of the statistics that make being a baseball fan so wonderful.

Even though I consider myself very much a modern fan who loves the statistics of the game, Smart Baseball made me a smarter fan. I especially enjoyed the section about the Baseball Hall of Fame. Mr. Law’s argument for the sadly stalled candidacy of Lou Whitaker really made me think.

The discussion of MLB’s Statcast was a great read and left me wanting access to all that information. I would love to spend time comparing spin rates on fastballs and examining the ground covered by elite fielders.

Even if you don’t love baseball as much as me, Smart Baseball will enhance your enjoyment of the great game. I can’t imagine someone reading it and not learning something that would influence their perspective. I’m planning to read Smart Baseball again just before Opening Day.

If you have even a passing interest in baseball, Give Smart Baseball a read. Doing so will make you a better fan.

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