Ufi is Doing Great Work

Most of my posts about Ufi have dealt with his allergies and our struggle to get them under control. So, I thought it was time to write about some of his great work.

Recently, I had an appointment in a large building. Ufi and I had only been to this building once and that was in October. Since our October visit was our first to that building, I knew I would need to ask for assistance. I also knew there was a chance we would have some difficulties.

We wound up boarding an elevator that didn’t go to the floor we needed. When we got off the elevator, we had to ask two different people for directions to the desk we wanted. After my appointment, we exited through the wrong doors and weren’t in the place where we were meeting our ride home.

As we set out for our latest, and hopefully last, trip to this office, I wasn’t sure how it was going to work. Since we got lost the first time, I wasn’t sure whether Ufi would remember the route.

Walking into the building, I was preparing to ask for assistance in finding the elevator. I knew I had to ask for a specific bank of elevators because only one set goes to the floor I needed. As I listened for someone to ask, Ufi and I kept walking. Seconds after we stopped walking, I heard the familiar ring an elevator makes upon its arrival. The door opened, and Ufi headed inside. Stopping just beyond the open door, I asked, “Does this elevator go to eleven?” When a man confirmed Ufi had gone to the right bank of elevators, I petted Ufi’s head.

We got off the elevator and Ufi kept walking. Having been reminded of his incredible ability to remember routes, I relaxed and let Ufi do his thing.

As soon as we stopped walking, a man asked, “Can I help you?”

Smiling, I petted Ufi’s head. After confirming Ufi had gone to the right office, I said, “Good boy, U.”

At the end of my appointment, Ufi marched to the correct elevator. When we got off the elevator, he guided me out the correct exit. Waiting for our ride home, I kept petting Ufi and reminding him of the great job he had done.

Honestly, we don’t follow many of the rules we are supposed to follow. But every time Ufi goes to work, he reminds me of how lucky I am to have him. He truly is a great friend and an exceptional worker.

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