Ufi’s Feeling Better

Ufi has gone back on Apoquel. The combination of Cytopoint and Apoquel has helped him a ton. He hardly ever scratches. His ears seem very healthy. He doesn’t have any problems with his feet.

With a little luck, using the medicines together will finally give him significant relief from the allergic reactions that have been bothering him for years. I love listening to him playing without a scratching break. It has been weeks since he has stopped on the sidewalk to shake his head or scratch. For the last few weeks, Ufi has been healthier than he has been for years. I love seeing my wonderful buddy enjoying his life in ways he hasn’t been.

If his health can stay where it is into the summer, something I know may not happen, Ufi is going to have the best summer of his life. Even though winter hasn’t officially started, we’re both looking forward to summer.

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