Ufi has a Skin Infection

Last weekend, Mom noticed that Ufi had a sore on the inside of each of his back legs. I missed the sore, because he loves it when I scratch his tummy. She tried trimming the matted hair around the sores and we applied some Neosporin. We would have done more, but Ufi is a terrible patient. He cries at the slightest touch when it’s a touch he doesn’t want. The sore got a little better, but Ufi kept wanting to lick off the Neosporin.

We tried cleaning the sore with hydrogen peroxide. Even that made him cry like he was being tortured. It’s amazing how he can sometimes be a ferocious protector and other times he can cry like a baby.

By Wednesday, he wasn’t acting like Ufi. He wouldn’t play fetch. He was eating slower than Scorpio and Emma. He was hardly walking. So, we found ourselves back at the vet.

After Mom ran from the examination room because she was afraid of fainting, Ufi got his sores examined. As I thought, his sores had become infected.

Since our trip to the vet, he has been back on Apoquel, taking an antibiotic, and getting cream rubbed on his sores. I have to apply the cream. When it comes to medical things, Mom is as much of a baby as is Ufi.

Today, he finally started acting like Ufi. Since the weather was warm for this time of year, we got to play lots of fetch. The sores are still there, but they are much smaller.

Now that he’s better, Ufi will have to start working again on Monday. If Robert Muller’s arrests are interesting enough, he may get to delay our trip to the Apple store until Tuesday.

I’m thinking Ufi’s infection was caused by his allergies. If that’s right, he’ll have to stay on both Cytopoint and Apoquel; we’ll be looking at a bill of 200 dollars a month for his medicine. I hate being wrong. In this case, I’m hoping for it.

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  1. So I’m as big as baby as Ufi!!!
    Well when I left the exam room, I could hear Ufi cry way out in the waiting room. I should of went outside and waited. That way I wouldn’t have heard him.
    The older I get the worst I get about things like this.
    Not only this but cutting the dogs toes nails,
    U know it’s bad when u can’t even change your own ear rings, without getting all hot and feeling like u r going to pass out.
    U have to look at the bright side of this, at least I didn’t try to stay in that room with u and Ufi and pass out..
    I just hope Ufi’s sores are well enough cuz tomorrow I have to try and give him a hair cut. Don’t know if it’s going to be poor Ufi or poor me. Could be poor for both of us.
    Even thou u think Ufi and I are a big baby, we both love you anyway.

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