An Update on Ufi

Ever since I got Ufi he has been battling allergies. The saddest part of it is that no one loves being outside more than Ufi. When the weather is nice and us humans are willing, he will play fetch for hours.

After a couple of years watching him struggle we found Apoquel. For about two years Apoquel did a good job handling his allergies. He no longer pulled fur out from above his tail and he scratched much less. Even his ear problems were slightly reduced.

In June, his symptoms started returning. He wound up with a bad ear infection that was related to his allergies and his feet got infected too. Also, he started biting his lower back again.

In the middle of September, we tried Cytopoint. So far, Cytopoint has made a huge difference. His ears and feet are no longer inflamed. He never bites his lower back. The only issue with Cytopoiont is its cost. When Ufi first got an injection, he was 84 pounds. Grandma has been very generous with the people food. Since Cytopoint is 50 dollars cheaper if your dog is 80 pounds or less, Ufi had to loose weight. Knowing Grandma couldn’t stop feeding him, we had to take away his breakfast. The lack of breakfast and the fact that he went eight days without seeing Grandma helped Ufi loose 6 pounds. So, I didn’t have to pay $194 for the Cytopoint injection he had on Monday.

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