Trump’s Immigration Plan Explained

The Reforming Immigration for a Strong Economy Act (Raise Act) seeks to reduce legal immigration to the United states by 41 percent in the first year and by 50 percent over 10 years. Currently, America accepts roughly a million legal immigrants each year. On a per capita basis, America ranks behind nearly 20 nations in terms of accepting legal immigrants.

The Raise Act would eliminate the Diversity Visa Program and the 50 thousand immigrants accepted into America every year through it. The goal of the Diversity Visa Program is to allow for immigration from nations with low rates of immigration to America. Twenty-four percent of African Immigrants come to America on diversity visas.

President Obama increased the number of refugees America would accept to 110 thousand annually. The Raise Act would reduce that number to 50 thousand.

The family-based system of immigration is destroyed by this bill. Currently, there are an unlimited number of visas offered to parents of adult US citizens. Roughly 138 thousand adult children or siblings of adult US citizens are granted visas. If this bill became law, both of those paths to immigration would be closed.

The Raise Act caps the number of visas available through the employment-based immigration system at the current level of 140 thousand annually. Visas granted through the employment-based immigration system would be awarded on a points system. The six categories of points are as follows: education; ability to speak English; the offer of a high-paying job; age; record of extraordinary achievement; and entrepreneurial initiative.

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